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About Us

At The FABHOUSEs., we uphold the visionary values of our founders. Though we started with modest beginnings, They have envisioned a grand future, one that would transcend time for generations to come. It is their vision from a humble as a showroom unit into what is today, to continue our drive to become SOUTHERN INDIA’s number 1 LINEN FABRIC brand with the aim of making the latest, genuine, and superiors quality fabric available at an affordable price to the end consumer. We are going D2C so that we can pass on value chain benefits to our dear customers.
We deal with linen fabric, cloths, garments and tailoring.

About Us


To become a household name in Linen fabric and provide the best quality garment at an affordable price.


“Offering all women and men in India the best of linen garments innovation in terms of quality, price and trendsetting”


We believe in "Customer Commitment"," "Quality","Integrity","Respect for People","Good Citizenship" and "Personal Accountability" together.



The goals we set are specific and intended to guide our team, accomplish tasks and attain client satisfaction.

Strategic Goals

– intended for the accomplishment of our business objectives. It in turn helps us identify the outcomes of our business efforts and help revise them if necessary.

Tactical Goals

– these objectives are framed and established promptly in reply to the real-world conditions as they emerge.

Operational Goals

– for a business to be functional these goals are mandatory and are specific to the daily tasks and requirements. Efficient operations nonetheless, put employees at ease to function and to excel within their work settings.


Amazing Linen


Linen fabrics help in reducing the harmful effect of gamma radiation to its half, on human skin


Pure Linen fabrics carry a rare bacteriological property, making it highly resistant to fungus and bacteria


Linen fabrics works as an excellent filter for protection against chemically aggressive medium, dust and noise


Linen fabrics excels as coolant with the ability of extreme absorption and release of moisture through evaporation


Linen fabrics not only hinders in static electricity accumulation but also helps in its elimination


Pure Linen fabrics not only possess anti-allergic properties, but also help deducting quite a many skin related diseases

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